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Posted in Animals, Community by joncrispin on 22/01/2013

Cris made it back from Bangladesh safely in spite of some bad weather in the UK which could have slowed her down.  Before she left Dhaka, she told me about this headline in “The Daily Star”.  I asked her to bring it home and here it is.  Something about the word stinky in a daily paper that struck me as funny.  The photo of the monkeys huddled together was to illustrate a recent cold snap in South Asia.


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When stopped in traffic in Dhaka, people selling all sorts of items come up to your car.  I was amazed at the variety of books on offer here.  Look closely.

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Compressed natural gas is used for fuel in lots of vehicles in Bangladesh.  These green three wheelers are all over the country, and as soon as Peter Carroll sees this shot, I know he’ll want one.  They would be great in Ithaca except in the winter.

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T Rex

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It was a national holiday in Bangladesh on the 17th (not St Patrick’s Day)  We went to a big park near the Indian border, and this guy was here.  Wild.

Bangladesh billboard

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There is always something amazing to see when you travel.  This just popped up on the horizon as we were heading up to the Indian border.  It seemed odd, because touching someone’s head in most parts of Asia is usually not done.

Train station

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I have always liked being around trains and wanted to see the Mymensingh railway depot.  Jahangir thought it might be a good idea to get a shot of me in action.


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The windows in Mymensingh have no screens, but since it’s the dry season, mosquitos aren’t too much of a problem.  I looked out this one every time I used the “facilities” at TARC.  This photo reminds me of my asylum project.

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