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Union Square

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We will be heading back East early tomorrow.  I had hoped to have a long post about the Exploratorium exhibit ready to go, but I am still processing my feelings.  I will have something up by Thursday.  What can be said now though is that by mounting “The Changing Face of What is Normal” in what was basically a museum dedicated to science related issues, they have done something incredibly daring.  It is not what many people familiar with the Exploratorium expect to see, and for that I give them a ton of credit.  It is a very interesting experience and for those of you who get the chance to be in the area, well worth the effort.


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It is not even autumn yet but as I was driving into Amherst today this leaf landed on the window of my car.  As you can see in the background, everything else is still green.  It stayed there just long enough for me to grab my camera and blew off right after I made this exposure.  An early sign of what’s to come.


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I had a shoot in Northampton this afternoon and Peter came along to help me out.  As we were walking from Osaka restaurant after a bite to eat we passed a new (to us anyway) store that sold aquarium fish.  The tetras in the tank by the window caught our eye.


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Peter and I flew home yesterday.  It was an amazing trip and has solidified his wish to live in London, which I really hope he can do someday.  Saturday was a big day for us with lots of travel on the tube and walking.  As we were heading into central London from Heathrow we had a lovely exchange with a very nice woman who seemed to be about my age.  P and I were talking about where to stop off to wander around and get a bite to eat, and  she was apparently over-hearing our discussion.  As she was leaving the train at her stop she said, “English people aren’t meant to speak to people on trains, but Gloucester Road is a bit dire.  You might want to go on to South Kensington”.  England has changed a ton since I started going there, but I am occasionally reminded of why I love it so much.

JFK Terminal 4 again

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I drove down to JFK again early this morning to pick up Cris and her co-worker Kate.  As we walked out of the terminal, the sun was just coming up and the sky was wild. There is something about airports and light. / I just want to take a minute to acknowledge all of the new subscribers to this site.  The suitcase project has brought many of you here, and I really appreciate your interest and comments.  Thank you all so much.

Tree Eyes Again

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I am still seeing the eyes.  I was thinking with all the wind from Irene that the one on the right would disappear, but the storm seems to be mostly past us and he (Alex named him Ramon) is still there.  We started to have rain late yesterday and it has continued steadily since then.  Some wind but nothing too severe.  The tomato plants on the deck have fallen over a few times and it is very dark outside, but in all not a bad day.  Peter and I may take the Pearl for a walk in a bit.

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1546 Chestnut, Santa Ana, CA

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John Kishel knows so much about the obscure history of Southern California.  We were talking about guitars the other day and he mentioned that as a kid he would send in a coupon from Boy’s Life Magazine to the Fender Guitar Company to receive a free catalogue.  The address on the coupon was 1546 Chestnut, Santa Ana, Calif.  Fender guitars were made in Fullerton, but in 1958 the company opened up a sales and distribution center in Santa Ana.  It is interesting to think about all the incredible guitars and amps that were shipped from this building.  And it sits less than 3 miles from his house.  We went out for a meal tonight and stopped by for a visit on our way home.

I like being in places where cool stuff happened.  The building has something to do with Culligan water treatment now and the front entrance is obviously not in use.  Love the light fixtures though.  They look original to the building.

Tustin Walk

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Peter and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood today.  It is very hot, but there is a bit of a breeze and there is always something interesting to see.  Plants just grow out here, many of which I have never seen before.  This round thing is about twice the size of a basketball.

This El Camino SS 396 is parked just down the street.  We’ve been driving by it all week and I especially wanted to get some photos before we leave.


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I’m back home.  I think I’ll stick to one picture posts for a bit. / This cat lives in Gary’s store in Tilghman.  I’d never seen her (him?) in there before.  I think it spends most of its time in the display case.

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Hotel Room With a View (finally)

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Cris and I are well used to having hotel rooms with crap views.  Were were pleasantly surprised to enter our room and see this. It is especially nice to be able to open the window far enough to stick out the camera and get a clear shot. / I am really liking this city.

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