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American Demographics / Hope and Feathers Exhibit (Image #4)

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Here is another shot from my upcoming American Demographics exhibit at Hope and Feathers.  I am having some serious fun looking back at these images and seeing Robby Aceto’s amazing hand coloring.

The dates are pretty much set.  Opening Thursday evening 4 October, with a gallery talk on Saturday the 20th.  I hope to see you there.

By the way, points to anyone who can identify these geezers.  Probably taken in the 80s.



We have been spending most of our time in busy cities on this trip, so we decided to take the DART train to Howth yesterday and spend some time on the coastal path.


This is a lovely seaside  fishing village, and since it was Sunday it was a bit crowded, but we really wanted to walk, so it was worth it.


As we walked through the carpark at the beginning of the path, we saw a guy in a superman costume get out of a taxi.  We didn’t think much about it at the time since it was a few days before Halloween.  We started our walk, and some minutes later looked down to a little island just off the coast and saw him jump off a diving platform.  He is in mid-flight in this photo but it is a bit difficult to see him.  Look for the red spot on the left.  Wild.


It was a lovely day.  Not too hot, not too cool.


Ireland is really green, and like Cornwall has a really interesting variety of plants.


I can never keep these things straight, but I think this is gorse.  So lovely.


There were amazing views throughout the walk.  In the foreground is an entire field of ferns that are just starting to turn brown.


At one point the coast path crossed an enormous golf course.  We were instructed to stay quiet.  We obliged, and we did see some golfers teeing off.  It would have been a lovely day to play 18.


But by far the coolest part of the walk was when we went through the Bog of Frogs.  It was boggy, but not noticeably froggy.


We walked well over 10 miles, and it was spectacular.  It was great to get a pint and some fish and chips once back in Howth.


As we waited for the train to Dublin, a Carphone Warehouse advert kept scrolling through this sign at the station.


Once back in Dublin, we stopped at Mary’s Bar and Hardware for a whiskey.  They really love JFK here.  And the whiskey was nice.


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Bernie Sanders

I had heard earlier today that Bernie Sanders would be in Amherst this evening and thought it would be interesting to go and check it out.  I used to shoot a lot of political stuff when I was younger and have always liked the vibe of campaign gatherings.


There was a huge queue outside of the Mullins Center for the 6.00 PM event.


Here are Bill, Billy, and Elias who came over from Hudson, NY.  Bill is a huge politics buff and was a fan of both Hillary and Bernie.  Elias is going to Africa in a few months.


The event was supposed to start at 6.00, but there were still thousands of people outside at that time as security was pretty tight.  TSA were checking bags and pockets, and the Secret Service was in full force.


I think this guy was serious!


There was quite a lot of positive energy in the building.  And not just young folks.  It was actually quite diverse in terms of age.


The only merchandise I saw for sale were these earrings, and I don’t think the woman selling them was an “official” part of the campaign.  $10.00 a pair.


Just like old times for me; this guy was shooting 16mm film!


I love photographing events like this, as people are really open and happy for the attention.


Here is my Norwegian friend Björn, who seemed to find it all exotic and interesting.  He said that given what Bernie had to say, he would probably be thought of as a center-right candidate in Norway.


I will say this; Bernie has a tremendous amount of energy and drive, and there is a very genuine quality about him.  The crowd was completely with him the whole time.

It was a very interesting evening, and so much fun to be in the middle of this sort of event again.

Don’t forget to vote!

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