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Portable Toilets / Diner

Posted in Abandoned Buildings, Diners, History, Portable Toilets by joncrispin on 26/04/2015

I drove back home from Ithaca yesterday and stopped a few times to take some photographs.  / I first noticed this collection of portable toilets in Lisle, NY back when I lived in Ithaca and my friend Alex and I would drive around while he “looked for color”.  What began as a mild interest turned into a decades long obsession with these practical objects.  I even had a long mostly one-sided correspondence with the Portable Sanitation Association.  After they moved their offices from Washington, DC to Minnesota I sort of lost interest in sending them postcards.

I always assumed that the company that owned these went out of business, but when I stopped in the antique shop next door, the woman working there said that it was still a going concern.

I often notice this abandoned diner when I am on my way to shoot the suitcases.  Yesterday I finally stopped to photograph it.  It is in the village of Coeymans and while searching for information about it on the web, I came across this post.  (I spent a little time reading this fellow’s blog and it is worth checking out if you live in the Albany area.)

It is always sad for me to see once useful buildings like this be left to rot.  I find myself imagining what it would have been like to sit down for breakfast during the time that it was a busy operation.  But I suppose the point is that it eventually stopped being busy, and the owners couldn’t afford to keep it going.  The Thruway killed the diner.


Posted in Architecture, Buildings, Food, Friends, People, Travel by joncrispin on 22/01/2012

Cris dropped me off in Harrisburg where my good pal Peter Carroll picked me up on Friday morning.  We drove down to DC to spend some time with his family.  On our way we stopped in Dillsburg, PA at a great diner for a bite to eat.  Peter and I have travelled together so many times, and it is always fun.  He got this little GoPro video camera recently and has been goofing around with it. It also takes amazing stills.

Over the years we have taken so many goofy pictures of each other.  Here’s another one.  We didn’t try any of the cakes in the case, but I was sorely tempted.

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