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Woodman’s / Farnham’s

Posted in Family, Food, Landscape, Water by joncrispin on 24/08/2011


Peter goes back to Union soon, and today was a good day to drive out to Essex for some clams.  We had visited Farnham’s in June and wanted to try Woodman’s.  We left Pelham late morning and arrived in Essex just before 2.00.  Woodman’s is the larger operation of the two and claim to be the originator of the fried clam.  We ordered a large and waited about 5 minutes.

Essex, MA

We went out back to the picnic tables and enjoyed the view and the clams.  It soon became clear to us that we couldn’t just operate on memory to compare the two spots, so we hopped in the car and drove down the road to Farnhams.  Ordered a small box there and sat at the outside tables.


Both places are a must visit for anyone who heads up that way, but for us the Farnham’s experience was better in all ways.

Essex Salt Marsh

Essex Salt Marsh

Posted in Family, Food, Landscape, Water, Weather by joncrispin on 14/06/2011

Peter and I both had doctors appointments in the Boston area today, so we decided to head up along the North Shore for some clams.  We have been to the Clam Box in Ipswich and wanted to try something new.  Dr. O suggested Essex and we checked out Farnham’s first and decided to give them a go.  This is the view from the picnic tables just off the parking lot.  Very cool and windy today; lovely light and the clams were perfect.  So far, our favorite location.

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