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Willard Suitcases / Margaret D. / Uniforms

Posted in Abandoned Buildings, History, Institutions, Mental Health, nurses uniforms by joncrispin on 14/05/2015

We are still working on Margaret D’s cases.  This is the second batch of nursing uniforms that we have photographed.  She worked in various hospitals in Upstate New York before coming to Willard as a patient.

All of her things are in good condition, and these garments are all clean and moderately starched.

As I grew up in Meadville, PA (home of Talon Zippers!), I always look at any that are in the collection.  It was by far the most popular of all zippers throughout most of the 20th Century.  Many of my friend’s parents worked for the company.

I leave tomorrow for the open house that takes place at Willard on Saturday.  I will be spending time at the cemetery, and hanging out at the Romulus Historical Society building with Peggy Ellsworth, who is a former Willard employee and trustee of the historical society.  If you are attending the event, please track me down and introduce yourselves.  I hope to see you there.

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