Jon Crispin's Notebook

Pizza Hunt

Posted in Architecture, Buildings, History, Landscape, Weather by joncrispin on 10/11/2011

On my way to Albany yesterday to do more work on the suitcases, I drove past this abandoned Pizza Hut on Route 9 in Hadley.  I have always wanted to photograph it in the fog, and the conditions were just right.  This building is odd to begin with, and the fact that it sits empty in the middle of an otherwise highly developed area makes it even stranger.  I think it has been empty for at least 5 years.  When Peter was a little boy, we once went there for one of those kids birthday parties, and even then it was a bit other-worldly.  I wonder if this was the bog standard corporate design for smaller New England Pizza Huts. As Peter was learning to talk, he would often add consonants to words where they didn’t belong; hence this building was, and still is the Pizza Hunt.

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