Jon Crispin's Notebook

Air Force Two

Posted in History, Landscape, News, Travel by joncrispin on 02/11/2012

I had to take my iMac over to Dan to have the hard drive replaced (Apple warranty).  Fortunately it hadn’t died yet so not much more than an inconvenience.  I have been keeping my laptop open in order to skype with Cris in the West Bank and the screen saver went to a folder of postcards that I used to make and send out to friends.  I really like some of these images and realized I could share them here on my wordpress site.  It’s fun to think just how much of an impact the digital world has had on photography.  I used to print 10 or 15 of these and mail them to friends and clients.  Now I can post this and who knows how many people will see it./  This picture was taken at the airport in Elmira, NY.  I spent a lot of time covering the 1984 presidential race, and I think this was the Bush VP plane.  It reminded me of the election on Tuesday and thought it would be a good time to encourage everyone here in the States to get out and vote.

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