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Posted in airlines, airports, Transportation, Travel by joncrispin on 11/12/2015

jet blue

Let’s see if this works.  I took this a few hours ago as I was boarding my flight from Long Beach (coolest airport in the country) to Boston.

jet blue

It took a while to upload this second photo, but I’ll hit publish in a minute.    It is now 11.22 West Coast Time.

What a world.


Posted in Jon Crispin, Travel by joncrispin on 02/05/2013

I’m working on the “Normal” post, but in the interim wanted to mention that as we were just off the end of the runway at Logan last night, the pilot juiced the engines and pulled up into a steep climb.  We cruised around for about 20 minutes and as we headed back toward the airport we were then informed that the landing gear hadn’t come down on our approach and that the pilot had to lower it manually (hand crank?).  When we finally landed there were lots of flashing lights and fire trucks everywhere.  For some reason we had to be towed to the gate.  It was never too scary but an interesting way to return to Massachusetts.

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