Jon Crispin's Notebook

Lemons and Tortoises

Posted in Animals, Flowers, Food, Nature, Travel, Weather by joncrispin on 21/04/2013

I was all set to do a final post about last weekend’s trip to to DC when the news of events at the Marathon started trickling in.  I just felt so bad for most of the week that anything I could say here seemed trivial.  Last night I flew out to Southern California to meet up with Cris who has been staying with her sister in Orange County.  Since things in Boston appear to be mostly resolved, and it is so nice to be here with family, my mood has lightened considerably.  And who wouldn’t be cheered by the sight of these lemons growing in Lynne and John’s front garden.  I will never cease to be amazed by this tree.

And Lynne’s desert tortoises have recently come out of hibernation.  She suggested I grab a hibiscus flower and as I walked toward George here, he came to me and got right to it.

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