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I  always try to be positive when I post here, so I will not say much on the death of Margaret Thatcher.  But here is a link to a great song.  This photograph was taken on 11 November, 1980 on Remembrance Day.  It used to be possible to get pretty close to Number 10.

As I was going through my contact sheets I came across a couple of other shots I have been meaning to post here.

I think this is the English footballer Kevin Keegan outside of Buckingham Palace on 9 November,1982, the day he received his OBE from the Queen.  Anyone out there who can correct me?

And finally, this shot.


This photographed has always gotten to me.  I  have a framed copy above my desk here in my studio.  I was walking through Victoria Station in November of 1983 and saw this child, with an adult who I assume is his father.  A month later the IRA set off a bomb outside of Harrods that killed six and injured 90.  I am not sure why I put the two events together, but the connection of toy guns and real violence seems reasonable to me.

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