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Mountain Laurel and Vegetable Stock #3

Posted in Food, Jon Crispin, Nature, Plants by joncrispin on 16/06/2013

The mountain laurels are really wild this year.  (Do I say this every year?  I know there are previous posts about this plant, but really, this year is amazing.)  One of the locals told me that this part of Pelham used to be called Mount Laurel and I can see why.  When we look out the window it is almost like there is snow on the leaves of the plants.

I had a great dad’s day today.  Peter is home from DC for a bit (the Nationals are on the road) and I got the chance to chill out and cook.  I made another vegetable stock.  As you can tell by the color, there were lots of beet peelings in it.  You can see my previous posts about it here and here.  I used some of it to make a wild rice thing for Cris and it was great.

Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)

Posted in Animals, Flowers, Plants by joncrispin on 11/06/2011

This is an amazing year for the Mountain Laurel.  Some years it barely flowers, and some years it is nice but nothing special.  This is the best I have seen it in a very long time.  The woods are alive with it.  In fact, this whole Spring/Early Summer has been interesting.  Everything is flowering like crazy, and we have had 2 black bears in the past few days.  On Thursday a smallish youngster and yesterday morning its mother.  She was huge and looking to come up on the deck to have a go at the bird feeders.  I was bummed to have to bring them inside.  The hummingbirds have been draining their feeder every few days and I had just started to see the rose breasted grosbeaks.  Oh well, I’ll still try to hang them during the day and hope for the best.


Posted in Flowers, Landscape, Plants, Weather by joncrispin on 24/04/2011

It actually snowed yesterday morning.  It melted away by late afternoon, but it was foggy and wet all day.  It is much warmer this morning, and still a bit foggy.  The sun is out now and all the fog is gone. / This is the view looking south off our deck.  The mountain laurels should bloom in the next three or four weeks, and by mid May, there are literally hundreds of pink lady’s slippers (Cypripedium acule) that return year after year.

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