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Pink Lady’s Slipper

Posted in Flowers, Orchids, rare plants by joncrispin on 24/05/2015

This springs’s batch of orchids is a bit smaller than in previous years.  I haven’t done an extensive survey, but I am guessing that there are probably about 50 of them within 100 feet of our deck.  It still amazes me that they return year after year.  I am up in the woods quite a lot, and haven’t seen any other concentrations of them.  For some reason the conditions near to the house are perfect.


Posted in Flowers, Landscape, Plants, Weather by joncrispin on 24/04/2011

It actually snowed yesterday morning.  It melted away by late afternoon, but it was foggy and wet all day.  It is much warmer this morning, and still a bit foggy.  The sun is out now and all the fog is gone. / This is the view looking south off our deck.  The mountain laurels should bloom in the next three or four weeks, and by mid May, there are literally hundreds of pink lady’s slippers (Cypripedium acule) that return year after year.

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