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Bluebonnet Diner

Posted in Advertising, ephemera, Food by joncrispin on 20/11/2012

I am getting a new battery in the Element and having the snows put on.  I should really be doing some work answering email or going through the to-do list in my notebook.  The dealership has great WiFi and it is a good excuse to do a quick post and avoid actual work. /  The Bluebonnet diner on King Street in Northampton is pretty classic.  An original Worcester Diner with an attached restaurant.  I like pictures that show prices.  Maybe someday someone will look at this and say “Liverwurst sandwich for only $4.29.  Amazing”.  My mom used to love liverwurst with a slice of sweet onion on rye bread.


Posted in Animals, Community, Fish, Water, Windows by joncrispin on 18/07/2012

I had a shoot in Northampton this afternoon and Peter came along to help me out.  As we were walking from Osaka restaurant after a bite to eat we passed a new (to us anyway) store that sold aquarium fish.  The tetras in the tank by the window caught our eye.

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