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Bluebonnet Diner

Posted in Advertising, ephemera, Food by joncrispin on 20/11/2012

I am getting a new battery in the Element and having the snows put on.  I should really be doing some work answering email or going through the to-do list in my notebook.  The dealership has great WiFi and it is a good excuse to do a quick post and avoid actual work. /  The Bluebonnet diner on King Street in Northampton is pretty classic.  An original Worcester Diner with an attached restaurant.  I like pictures that show prices.  Maybe someday someone will look at this and say “Liverwurst sandwich for only $4.29.  Amazing”.  My mom used to love liverwurst with a slice of sweet onion on rye bread.

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  1. elkkid said, on 20/11/2012 at 9:51 am

    I feel the same way about prices in pics, letters, etc. In the Jack Benny film, “Gabriel Blow Your Horn,” Benny’s angel gets his first chance to eat real food and tries everything on the menu! It looked to me (back in the 70s) like the bill would have to be 100s of dollars — I think it was $20 or something…..

    Wonderful diner picture. Quintessential. Thanks.

    Liz Wiley

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