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Posted in Animals, Water, Weather by joncrispin on 15/05/2011

The Pearl and I went for a walk in the mist this afternoon.  She as usual found some water to meander through and we had a nice time looking at ducks on the little pond and all the redwing blackbirds hanging out on the cat-tails.  She is 10 now and the gray is starting to show up on her face and under her chin.  She’s still the sweetest dog in the world, though.

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Snow walk

Posted in Animals, Dogs, Family, Weather by joncrispin on 28/02/2011

It was a lovely day yesterday.  We had a heavy wet snow overnight, then the sun came out.  At about 3.00, Cris and I took the Pearl up into the woods for a walk.  Really perfect conditions for the snow shoes.  Cris has the more modern metal ones, and I have these older LL Bean jobs that my brother gave me for Christmas many years ago.  I forgot to grab a camera on the way out the door (gaiters-check, poles-check, snow shoes-check, camera-duh).  So I took this with my phone.  Pearl thought I was getting a biscuit for her, which is why she was looking up.

Waffle House

Posted in Buildings, Family, Food, Travel by joncrispin on 04/01/2011

mmm good


Cris, the Pearl and I left Pelham yesterday at about 4 pm and arrived at Kiawah at about 9 this morning.  Driving through the night on I-95 is really the way to go.  Very little traffic and it is really nice to be in the car at night with Cris.  She slept on and off, Pearl was really chilled and I was jacked up with a combination of milky tea, Starbucks Frappucinos, and Sudafed.  I have had this flu since the week before Christmas and am really tired of it.  Just before 6 we stopped for gas and needed some breakfast.  Waffle House can be a sketchy experience, but this one was decent.  Lots of grease for the potatoes and eggs, and they must have thought we came from another planet, but all in all, fast and filling.

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