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Posted in Baseball, Community, ephemera, History, Landscape, Nature, Sport, Transportation, Travel by joncrispin on 19/06/2013

We went to see the Sox last night and it was a very interesting evening.  A make-up day game was scheduled for 1 pm.  It started raining in the bottom of the 5th so it was delayed for three hours.  Out tickets were for 7 pm but due to the delay, the Sox allowed anyone with a ticket for the night game to watch the end of the first game which restarted at around 6.00.  Kind of confusing, I know, but we went in, watched them win the early one, cleared out of the park, came back in and watched ours start at 8.00.  The Sox led 1-0 until the top of the ninth when the Rays tied it up on a solo home run.  Jonny Gomes hit a walk off in the bottom of the ninth to win it.  It was a beautiful evening and the rain held off until the drive home.

This morning we drove Peter to New Haven to catch the train back to DC.  We had a great week with him.  The underground walkway to the platforms at the station is a bit outer spacey.

After his train left Cris and I drove to West Haven to walk along the sound and enjoy the beautiful day.  There is a lovely park with a walking/bike path along the beach.  We saw some old guys playing bocce ball and trash talking.  It was very sweet and familiar.  The above view made me a bit sad, as Dave’s Arcade-Carousel must have been very cool when it was still here.  You can tell the original sign just said “Arcade-Carousel” but someone got some stick-on letters to memorialize Dave.  He probably deserves the kind thought.

Chick’s in West Haven, CT

Posted in Architecture, Family, Food, Landscape, Water by joncrispin on 29/11/2011

After I left Yale yesterday I went to Chick’s in West Haven to eat some clams.  Peter and I have been making a bit of a study of fried clams in the Northeast, and he had encouraged me to check it out.  (See previous post)  I had originally hoped to go to Stowe’s, which is just down the road, but they are closed on Mondays.  Chick’s is big, and was quite empty at about 4.00 pm, which made me a bit nervous.  But the clams were very good.

They didn’t have that real ocean taste like ones from the North Shore of Massachusetts, as I assume they came from somewhere in the Sound, but the breading was very light and they were quite hot.  It was nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the late afternoon light.

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