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Tustin Walk

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Peter and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood today.  It is very hot, but there is a bit of a breeze and there is always something interesting to see.  Plants just grow out here, many of which I have never seen before.  This round thing is about twice the size of a basketball.

This El Camino SS 396 is parked just down the street.  We’ve been driving by it all week and I especially wanted to get some photos before we leave.

Watts Towers

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John and Lynne took us on a mini tour of places of note in the LA area yesterday.  It is amazing to watch John navigate around the area.  He grew up out here and knows the streets very well.  Lynne does the driving and John says things like “Why don’t you turn right here?”  We always end up in amazing places.  The Watts towers are a National Historic Landmark and worth a visit.  Learn more about them here.

Whenever I think of Watts I am reminded of my great friend Alex’s tales of his time as a young man in the National Guard and being placed on a corner with live ammunition during the riots of 1965.  Not having been given much in the way of guidance, he wasn’t sure what would happen, and fortunately for everyone around where he was stationed, not much did.


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Toby is Lynne and John’s Sealyham terrier.  He is a really lovely dog and has a quite a personality.  You get the idea that he is ready to get into mischief at the drop of a hat.


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Cris and I flew to California last night.  JetBlue is the only airline with direct flights from Logan to Long Beach, and it was a nice flight.  It was pleasant to see this life-sized Yaz at the gate.  Only in Boston, I guess.  To get to the airport, you drive through the Ted Williams tunnel and then just before you get on the plane you are reminded again about how big a role the Sox play in New England’s identity.    I didn’t see Paul Revere anywhere, but Sam Adams was in all the bars.

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