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Posted in Flowers, Friends, Landscape, Nature, Plants, Seasons, Travel, Trees, Weather by joncrispin on 10/05/2014

I just spent the past four days shooting a project at the Pingry School in New Jersey.  The days were very full, the work was great and since it was with my friends at the Herson Group, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. /  I have been photographing Peter Carroll jumping almost as long as I have known him (which is a very long time).  And while I was living in Ithaca, I spent a lot of time photographing portable toilets, and had a very one sided postcard correspondence with The Portable Sanitation Association.  These toilets were on the high end of comfort and I believe they were even air conditioned.

The spring is much further (farther?) along in New Jersey than it is in Massachusetts, and these dogwood blossoms were at their peak.  Ours don’t even have leaves yet.

As I was driving through Springfield, the sky got really interesting and I pulled into a scenic area on the 91 to check out this beautiful rainbow.  Not a great shot, but a lot of cars had stopped to watch it and there was a nice little collection of people taking in the scene. /  Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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  1. Lisa Gordon said, on 11/05/2014 at 2:44 pm

    Our dogwoods don’t have leaves yet either. 😦
    How fortunate that you were able to photograph that beautiful rainbow!

  2. dandyknife said, on 12/05/2014 at 5:05 am

    In my list of Ten Best Things about Oregon, the cleanliness and stockedness of the restrooms was right up there. These things are important.

    How much of the outer arc were you able to see? It’s clearly visible on the right hand of your photo, and there’s a smidgin showing on the left hand as well.

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