Jon Crispin's Notebook


Posted in Animals, Community by joncrispin on 22/01/2013

Cris made it back from Bangladesh safely in spite of some bad weather in the UK which could have slowed her down.  Before she left Dhaka, she told me about this headline in “The Daily Star”.  I asked her to bring it home and here it is.  Something about the word stinky in a daily paper that struck me as funny.  The photo of the monkeys huddled together was to illustrate a recent cold snap in South Asia.

Ben Laden est Mort

Posted in News, Travel by joncrispin on 02/05/2011

It is odd to be out of the country when something like this happens and interesting to see the Canadian reaction on the CBC. /  I have spent the day walking around while Cris is in meetings. / This is an interesting and exotic city filled with very nice people.

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