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I made oatmeal for breakfast yesterday, and while we were eating I looked up and for the first time saw the tulips Cris had bought earlier in the week.  I am mostly shocked by my inability to see the things that are right in front of me.  I have figured out that one of the reasons that I am a photographer is that I don’t see objects unless I see them as photographs in my mind’s eye.  It can take me forever to find the GrapeNuts in the cereal aisle or to find the corn starch container in the pantry.  I usually have to call Cris for help, and she spots whatever I am looking for right away.  It was frustrating when I was younger, and I actually saw it as a disability, but lately I have come to embrace it in an odd kind of way.

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Peter and Cris

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A pretty good indication of my state of mind is how often I post on this site.  Fewer posts = “karma congestion” (phrase © Alex Ross).  So, there hasn’t been much action here lately.  But the Autumn has gotten really intense.  After a long dry Summer and an uninspiring start, the colors have become wild. / Cris and I drove to Union last weekend for a visit with the boy.  A lovely drive, and a happy visit.  We are so proud of him.

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Cris really likes honey in her tea in the mornings.  Usually we buy the cheap organic stuff at Trader Joe’s, which is pretty good, but this stall at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market had a really nice selection of flavors.  The guy selling it said that the wildflower variety would be good in her Earl Gray, so I bought a 2 lb. jar.


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Autumn is always a  transitional time for me.  It is mostly my favorite part of the year, but it always brings up some mixed emotions.  I have felt kind of wacked lately, but am starting to leave the transitional phase and get comfortable again.  I am always a bit weird before Peter goes back to school, but once he gets settled I start to relax.  Cris and I dropped him off on Sunday.

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