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Peter and Cris

Posted in Family, People, Weather by joncrispin on 22/10/2010


A pretty good indication of my state of mind is how often I post on this site.  Fewer posts = “karma congestion” (phrase © Alex Ross).  So, there hasn’t been much action here lately.  But the Autumn has gotten really intense.  After a long dry Summer and an uninspiring start, the colors have become wild. / Cris and I drove to Union last weekend for a visit with the boy.  A lovely drive, and a happy visit.  We are so proud of him.

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Posted in Family, People, Windows by joncrispin on 08/09/2010

Autumn is always a  transitional time for me.  It is mostly my favorite part of the year, but it always brings up some mixed emotions.  I have felt kind of wacked lately, but am starting to leave the transitional phase and get comfortable again.  I am always a bit weird before Peter goes back to school, but once he gets settled I start to relax.  Cris and I dropped him off on Sunday.

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