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Jardin Botanique de Montreal

Posted in Family, Flowers, Landscape, Plants, Travel, Weather by joncrispin on 04/05/2011

Before it started raining heavily yesterday, Cris and I got the chance to go to the Botanical Gardens out near the Olympic site.  Since it was so early in the season, there was no charge to enter.  The daffodils and some of the tulips were out, and the Alpine garden was especially nice. / Back to the States in an hour or so.  It’s been fun.

Hotel Room With a View (finally)

Posted in Architecture, Buildings, Landscape, Travel, Windows by joncrispin on 03/05/2011

Cris and I are well used to having hotel rooms with crap views.  Were were pleasantly surprised to enter our room and see this. It is especially nice to be able to open the window far enough to stick out the camera and get a clear shot. / I am really liking this city.

Ben Laden est Mort

Posted in News, Travel by joncrispin on 02/05/2011

It is odd to be out of the country when something like this happens and interesting to see the Canadian reaction on the CBC. /  I have spent the day walking around while Cris is in meetings. / This is an interesting and exotic city filled with very nice people.

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