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Willard Suitcases / Mary E. B.

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We had a very productive day shooting in Rotterdam yesterday.  Again, most of the cases were largely empty, but there was still some interesting things to notice.  You can see the outline of the handle in dust from when the suitcase was stored in the racks at Willard.  I like how the museum staff left it as they found it before wrapping it up for storage.

This was all that we found in the case.  The New York Central luggage tag is beautiful.

This is what was written on the reverse site.  When I showed it to Peggy, she got a chill.  We both often react that way when the real life of the person is shown to us through their possessions.  Mary had a suitcase, she travelled, and at one time, she lived at 417 W. Main Street in Waterloo, NY.

Waterloo, NY

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Waterloo, NY is an interesting little town.  It is not too far from Willard and I have passed through it a lot since it lies on one of the main routes between the Thruway and Ithaca.  There was a Masonic Lodge on this corner (Virginia and Williams Streets) which was torn down in 2007.  When that building came down, this sign became visible again.

I walked up to the brick to get a closer look and it is in very good condition.   It is a complete shame that the Masonic building had to be razed, but at least something interesting came out of its destruction.

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