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Posted in Family, People, Windows by joncrispin on 08/09/2010

Autumn is always a  transitional time for me.  It is mostly my favorite part of the year, but it always brings up some mixed emotions.  I have felt kind of wacked lately, but am starting to leave the transitional phase and get comfortable again.  I am always a bit weird before Peter goes back to school, but once he gets settled I start to relax.  Cris and I dropped him off on Sunday.

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Posted in Travel, Windows by joncrispin on 10/08/2010

Here’s a toy my mom and dad bought me for the trip home.  The liquid used to come up to the top of the globe; I have never been able to figure out where the rest of it went.  It used to have little gold flakes that floated around when it was shaken.


Posted in Advertising, Automobiles, Windows by joncrispin on 11/07/2010

I have always been interested in how large American companies market some of their crappiest products.  GM was notorious for this.  Here we see a fine example.  I parked next to this Buick Park Avenue on Friday, and the Presidential Seal jumped right out at me.  I am a bit baffled by the snaps on the metal trim underneath the seal.  They look like something off a boat.

Windshield Wonder

Posted in Automobiles, Windows by joncrispin on 20/06/2010

Ever since I saw the Windshield Wonder advertised I knew I wanted one.  Today being Father’s Day, I had hopes that Cris and Peter would oblige.  I guess they could read my mind.  The coolest thing is that it really works and it is well made!  I am totally diggin’ it, although I have been cautioned not to use it while driving.  (Hey Tom, I still have the swim tag hanging from my rearview.)


Posted in Advertising, Automobiles, People, Windows by joncrispin on 17/06/2010

I like looking into the windows of parked cars.  You can see some pretty interesting sights.  I was on my way into the Stop n Shop and noticed this guy’s affinity for the lottery.  Serious business goin’ on here.

Dog in window

Posted in Dogs, Windows by joncrispin on 25/03/2010

Whenever I am in Stratford upon Avon I see this dog sitting in the window.  Usually he sees me and starts barking and jumping around like crazy.  He just sat this time.  Maybe he is getting old, or at least somewhat used to me.


Posted in Windows by joncrispin on 19/03/2010

The windows in Mymensingh have no screens, but since it’s the dry season, mosquitos aren’t too much of a problem.  I looked out this one every time I used the “facilities” at TARC.  This photo reminds me of my asylum project.

Hilton pool

Posted in Windows by joncrispin on 18/03/2010

It seems like ages ago when Cris and I had a layover at Heathrow, but it was less than a week.  We got a day-rate room and some sleep at the Hilton.  I’ll post chronologically though, now that we finally have broadband.

Friday evening

Posted in Windows by joncrispin on 05/03/2010

Cris and I grabbed a bite in town tonight.  It is nice to be out at the end of a day when there is still a bit of light in the sky.

Late winter

Posted in Windows by joncrispin on 26/02/2010

It has been an interesting winter.  Some snow, some cold, then lately lots of rain and snow.

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