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That Thing Again (with aspirin)

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I started taking a low dose aspirin a while ago, and as I was filling up my weekly pill dispenser this morning that thing happened again.


But this time it happened twice!  The wayward one rolled away and stayed upright and the one in the pill container just landed that way.

A Lovely Sunday

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I thought it might be a nice day today as this happened this morning when I threw a handful of things from my pocket on the bed.

John, Flora, Violet, and I drove to Broadway in the Cotswolds to walk from there to Snowshill and back.

We started on the outskirts of Broadway and we were immediately in fields.

Blackberries were plentiful.

Quite quickly we climbed up to the ridge where the view was spectacular.

As we were walking next to this pasture, we were passed by a horse carrier that contained one of this fellow’s mates.  They were both whinnying and it was obvious that they weren’t happy about being split up.  Horses are really interesting animals.

The footpath at times was on public roads, and at times just a narrow trail through the woods.

This is the view of Snowshill when we were about 10 minutes walk away.

Here’s another example of when the public footpath shares a country lane.

I have always liked these convex mirrors.

St. Barnabas is directly arcross the road from our halfway stop.

The Snowshill Arms is a great place for a couple of pints and the Sunday Roast.  It was excellent.

After lunch, I stuck my head inside the church.  It is very simple and not old (in relative terms), and the windows are beautiful.

This sweet little cat followed us for a bit and mewed the whole way.

Once outside the village, we were pretty quickly back into the woods.

It is such a peaceful walk, and we rarely saw others on the path.

Violet gave me this stone with moss growing on it.

This property is called Middle Hill House.  It is pretty easy to fantasize about living in a place like this.

This sort of day is so exotic to me; for my friends who live less than an hour away it is a regular trip to make at the weekend.

  It is so interesting to me that the public footpath goes right through the middle of farms and fields.  We shared our walk with horses, cows, dogs, cats, and of course, lots of sheep.

This particular horse was very friendly though he could be a bit nippy.

A farm just on the outskirts of Broadway breeds dogs for the hunt, and these very friendly pups loved the attention.

A great day.  Thanks to John, Flora, and Violet. Wonderful.

That Thing Again (with Manner)

Posted in Food, Superstition by joncrispin on 28/06/2014

So odd.  I picked up four of these Manner wafers in the grocery store, put them in the cart and this one fell out of the kiddie seat onto the floor.  I had left my camera in the car so I shot this with my phone.  Two days in a row; something in the air.

That Thing Again (with phone)

Posted in Superstition by joncrispin on 27/06/2014

It happened again.  I left DC this morning at 6.00 and when I got home this afternoon I texted Peter to tell him that I had made it safely.  He replied, I tossed the phone onto the ottoman and it stood on end.  I left it this way for about an hour.

And a note about the Lavender ice cream.  Lisa, you really should try it.  Very subtle; mostly just sweet cream with just a hint of the lavender.  I am still thinking about it.

That Thing Again (with cheese)

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I was cutting up some Gruyere cheese tonight for onion soup.  Whenever I take off the rind, I can’t bear to throw away any of the good bits that are close to it, so I use the knife to cut as near to the edge as I can. One of the small pieces fell onto the cutting board and stayed like this.   I have written before about things landing on the narrow end and remaining upright.  This just seems so lame to post about, but I still find it interesting and cheering.  Read about it here, here, and here.  (Or not; sometimes I can’t imagine anyone else being interested in the stuff that I find amusing.)  Anyway, hope you all have a great week.  And thanks for all the Kickstarter support.  I am really blown away by it.

That thing happened again.

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At the end of the day yesterday Cristine was having trouble with her hearing aid and asked me to take a look at it.  I didn’t need the battery which she had removed, and as I tossed it towards her, it landed on Peter’s duvet in this upright position.  As I have posted before here and here, I have always seen this as something very positive and almost mystical.  It always makes me happy, and for some odd reason instills in me a sense being connected to a world of wonder and mystery.  (Peter would say I am “waxing a bit poetic” here but I am prone to do that once in a while.)

Milk Cap

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One day when I was in college, I was standing in front of the mailboxes in Ferncliff Hall and dropped a penny.  It landed on its edge between my feet and stayed that way. I thought it was really cool and decided to leave it there.  I walked by several hours later and it was still in the same place in spite of all the people who had walked by.  I thought of it as a good omen; something unusual that I was a part of, and I remember that day as being especially nice.  A similar thing happened with an aspirin a few years later and I began to pay attention to the correlation between dropping something that stayed on its edge and having a happy and productive day.  Over all these years it has maybe happened 20 or so times with various objects, and I always feel elated. Yesterday morning as I was making tea for Cris and me, I took the cap off the milk and dropped it.  It turned out to be a very nice day.

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